XPP windows 安装指南

XPP windows 安装指南


These instructions were obtained from the OSU math department web site
这份文档来自于自俄亥俄州立大学数学系 官网 1

  • 步骤0: 如果你是从XPP 升级到最新版的XPP的话,到步骤2;
  • Step 1: You must install an X11 server, Xming or you can get an older one from my web page. It is also useful to download the additional X11 fonts from here 你必须安装有一个X11服务器 Xming 或者从原始作者的博客里得到旧版本的。从 here 这里下载额外的X11字体会很有帮助
    • After downloading the two X11 programs, runs them to install on your computer. You can use the default / full installation settings for both the Xming program and the Xming fonts - just make sure that the "Normal PuTTY Link SSH client" option is selected in the Xming program installation settings. I usually include a Desktop shortcut.下载了两个X11程序后,在你的电脑上运行以安装它们。对于Xming和Xming fonts,你可以使用默认安装或者完全安装模式。只需要确保在安装的设置中Normal PuTTY Link SSH client被勾选了。原始作者通常在桌面建个快捷方式
    • Run the Xming program from (Start) --> All Programs / All Apps --> Xming --> Xming 运行Xming程序:开始菜单 --> 所有程序 -->Xming --> Xming
    • Verify the Xming program is running by looking for the "X" icon in the Windows Taskbar Notifications Area.如果Windows的任务栏里出现了一个X图标,那么表明Xming运行了
  • Step 2: Download XPPAUT "xppwin.zip" 下载 XPPAUT
    • Extract / unzip the downloaded "xppwin.zip" file, by right-clicking on the file and then clicking to "Extract All...", which will reveal an "xppall" folder.双击压缩包,然后解压。随后出现一个“xppall”的文件夹
    • Right-click to "Copy" the extracted "xppall" folder, then open your computer's "C:" drive and right-click in a blank space to "Paste" the folder in the root of the "C:" drive. IMPORTANT: The "xppall" folder must be placed ∴ that the full path to the folder is"C:\xppall”邮件复制整个xppall文件夹,然后打开C盘,在空白处直接粘贴。注意,一定要有xppall的文件夹,也就是说通往这个文件夹的目录,只能是C:\xppall
    • Extra Step on Windows 8/10(?):WIn8/10上的额外步骤
      • Open the "xppall" folder, find and right-click on the "xppaut.exe" file / application, then click to open its "Properties”打开xppall文件夹,找到xppaut.exe,并右键,变更其所有权(即更改文件权限)
      • On the "General" tab under "Security:", click the "Unblock" button to allow the application to run. 好久不用Windows,忘了这是哪种情况了,总之这个软件的要求全都满足
      • Click "OK" to close the properties window
    • Open the "xppall" folder, find the "xpp - Shortcut" file, right-click on the file to "Copy" the shortcut, and then right-click on a blank space of the Desktop to "Paste" the shortcut on the Desktop. 这段说的就是在桌面上创建 xppall文件夹 快捷方式
    • To use XPP / XPPAUT, drag and drop ODE files onto the "xpp - Shortcut" on your Desktop. 如果想使用,直接把.ode文件拖动到xpp的图表上即可

The best way to use XPP is from the command line as this gives you many more options and much more flexibility.使用XPP最好的方式是通过命令行窗口,这样可以有更多的选择,更大的灵活性

Here is how to do it.下面是如何这么做

  • Click on "Start" and Search Programs for "command prompt" and click on it to bring up a terminal 点击开始菜单,搜索命令提示符,打开
  • Click on the terminal to start typing. Navigate to the "xppall" folder by typing:在终端的界面输入xppall,进入终端后再输入

    cd C:/xppall

  • Test it by typing: 输入如下字段来测试一下

    xpp ode/lecar.ode

    to load up the good old lecar.ode file 这样就能加载lecar.ode文件

  • You can directly access the xppaut.exe file from the command line as well but you should be sure to set the proper X11 Display. The xpp.bat file does this for you as well as setting a HOME directory and some other stuff that is largely irrelevant unless you want to call the help stuff from within XPP. For example, you may want to edit this file to set the HOME directory to, say C:\Users\bard or whatever your HOME is. 你可以从命令行直接进入xppaut.exe文件,前提是你把X11设定好了。xpp.bat文件。如果xpp.bat文件在主文件夹里的话,它可以直接把上述操作完成。还有一些东西很大程度上都是无关紧要的,除非你想在XPP程序内直接呼出帮助。比如,你可以通过C:\Users\bard 命令来编辑你的主目录文件,当然,文件目录随你。


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